Year: 2015
Concept Design

Leblon Office Concept
Brazil among other things is known for its beaches and going to the beach is part of Brazilian culture. Summer vacations, childhood memories, gathering with family, practicing sports, moments of relaxation and having fun with friends are present in our affective memory.
Brazilian beaches have a totally informal and democratic atmosphere. All kinds of people go there. At the same time a range of services are offered such as: food, beverages and all sorts of trinkets are sold. All this makes it a particularly interesting environment to meet, interact and share information. For Brazilians, the beaches are a large and live social network.
The dynamic atmosphere, informal behavior, seamless interaction between people and the rich exchanging experiences can be very interesting fundamentals to have in the corporate environment. Being able to translate the beach culture with all objects related such as the sun shade, the beach chair and even the traditional popsicles cart in a corporate environment could result in innovative solutions and inspire a new user behavior.
The Leblon concept objective is to translate this spirit and feel in an original form, with a modern and universal language, allowing participants to experience the joy of a summer breeze while they are performing their tasks at work.