Year: 2017
Company: Samsung

This project involves two major challenges: Develop a product for a global presence and allow identification with consumers in an intimate and personal way. Our solution for this equation when designing the new QLED STAND was the proposition of a single stand system that could be customized according to five distinctive lifestyles: URBAN MODERN, INDUSTRIAL, NATURAL ESSENCE, TIMELESS CLASSIC and ROMANTIC LUXURY.
In order to cover as many consumers as possible, the five proposed lifestyles were based on consumers’ habits and major contemporary trends used in interior design, fashion and architecture.
With these five lifestyles, we managed to reach from a young audience with the URBAN MODERN stand, as a more mature audience with the TIMELESS CLASSIC stand for example.
From the point of view of gender, with the five lifestyles proposed, it is possible to increase the direct identification with the consumer, being the INDUSTRIAL style destined for a male audience and ROMANTIC LUXURY with a female appeal for feminine attraction for example.
At the same time, in addition to strong identification with the public, it is very important that the proposed lifestyles are compatible with the language of the environments and the architecture where the products will be inserted.
In this respect, the design of the stand with the use of materials common to these spaces is fundamental for a total integration of the product with the environment. The proposition of materials such as concrete, iron, ceramics, wood and polycarbonate widely used in architecture and interior design authentically translates the essence of style, fundamental to the veracity of the relationship between the product and the consumer.
Purposely none of the lifestyles mentions about technology. Our strategy is to use the contrast of materials and the stand design to reinforce and enhance Samsung’s technology message as the protagonist in the final product.